Trump administration follows Michigan’s lead to ban flavoured e-cigarettes

Trump administration follows Michigan’s lead to ban flavoured e-cigarettes
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Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s decision to ban flavoured e-cigarettes in Michigan is now being adopted by President Donald Trump’s administration.

Michigan became the first-ever US state to ban flavoured e-cigarettes previous week in an attempt to prevent minors from beginning the habit.

The FDA followed the same suit on Wednesday and would soon publish regulatory guidance on taking off flavoured e-cigarette products from the market. According to Alex Azar, Health and Human Services Secretary, this process would likely take months to be implemented.

Whitmer applauded and praised the administration’s decision of banning vaping products. In a statement, she said that the administration is making the right choice by following Michigan’s decision of banning flavoured e-cigarette products.

The move to ban flavoured e-cigarettes and e-liquids comes amid the outbreak of vaping-liked lung disease. The CDC has reported over 450 potential cases of serious lung illness across 33 states, which includes Michigan.

However, the latest study suggests that lung diseases might be associated with cannabis oils, especially Vitamin E Acetate, and not vaping nicotine.

It’s believed that when the cannabis oil cools down, it could possibly coat over the lungs. Vitamin E Acetate hasn’t been approved to be used under the medical cannabis program of New York nor was discovered in nicotine e-cigarette products tested.

This could possibly mean that DIY marijuana products or the homebrews may be the culprit. Although Vitamin E Acetate is identified as a major element in the study, the officials are still cautioning that the probe is ongoing.

In spite of the association with cannabis, Michigan hasn’t cautioned users regarding vaping products.

Notably, Michigan’s ban will likely take effect sometime in the weeks to come. It will last for 6 months after which it might be renewed again for 6 additional months. Under the ban, any person possessing 4 or more e-cigarette may receive up to 4 years prison sentence.

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