Skype receives a few much-needed features across mobile and desktop platforms

Skype receives a few much-needed features across mobile and desktop platforms
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Many consider Skype as a go-to video calling app instead of an app for messaging such as WhatsApp or iMessage. However, this notion is largely going to change. Microsoft has rolled out a few new features in the Skype app across all mobile and desktop platforms to make it stand out as a messaging app.

There is support for bookmarks, message drafts, display multiple images and more coming with the new Skype update.

Microsoft detailed out the update in a new post on the official Skype blog. The main reason behind this is to boost productivity when a user is sending messages, said the company in the blog post.

The message draft feature allows users to save any message he/she typed but did not send in the form of a draft. Besides message drafts, the users can also bookmark specific messages and find them later easily in the ‘Bookmarks’ folder.

In addition to this, sending multiple images or videos has also become easy with the new update. When a user wants to send multiple images or videos to a family or friends group, the app will arrange them automatically in a nice album.

This way, the images or video will not clutter the conversation thread. Moreover, the user will also be able to preview any images or media before he/she sends them.

There’s also the split window feature introduced for the Mac and Linux Skype version. This will allow the users to see their contact list as well as conversations in two separate windows. This could help avoid any sort of mix-ups when the user is messaging many people at a time.

Just like how all other messaging applications introduce an array of multifunctional tools and make a shift, it pretty much makes sense for Microsoft to release a few new features on Skype so it does not fall behind in the race.

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