Purdue University Food Delivery Robot launched on Campus

Food delivery Robot
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Purdue University has launched the food delivery robot on campus. The robot bought a chicken and rice bowl for Purdue President Mitch Daniels. The robot delivers up to 20 pounds of food in minutes. Now the students do not need to pay $2 foodservice charges. As the robot delivers the food at free of cost at a set location in just a few minutes.

The robot is starship based technology. The launch of the robot makes the University with the largest college campus having food delivery robot. Daniel said to appreciate robot, he took out a can of oil and squirt a little on its tires.

The robotic company is planning to make thousands of machine serving campuses in the next two years. Universities like George Mason, Northern Arizona already have robotic delivery services. While the Pittsburgh university will get access of the same till September.

According to Daniel, until now the company has launched the service in small universities. He added soon the company planning to launch it in major colleges.

This is how the robot delivers the food

The robot uses sensors to drive the difference between the object and the people. According to Purdue, humans can control the progress of the robot.

According to a news report, students are very interested in the robot. Like, few students actually stand in front of to find if it can really sense the human beings and it did. Daniel said that the delivery robot has attracted a lot of attention.

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