Microsoft tries to fix Windows 10, Ends up Affecting the Start Menu

Microsoft tries to fix Windows 10
Image Credit: Microsoft [Public domain]

It has been reported that the quick fix that the Microsoft Company came out with is breaking the search option in the Start menu and Taskbar. The patch KB4515384 was released to patch up an issue which was linked to Cortana and the search box.

In turn, the new update which was released on September 10th did stop SearchUI.exe from causing unwanted stress on the processors, but it broke ‘search in Windows 10 completely.

All of these brought issues for some users, as some of the users reported that searching via the start menu leads to a ‘blank window’; while others said a critical error warning displayed ‘Your start menu isn’t working. We’ll try to fix it the next time you sign in’.

All of this seems to be one of the cases of Microsoft releasing an update which instead of doing better, created other problems. There are also reports of audio issues being caused due to this new update, report says ‘audio’ is either missing from games or has been reduced radically.

The updated Windows notes suggest to reduce the Windows Audio to 16-bit DVD quality, which can be done by simply tapping on the ‘sound’ icon in the Control panel, followed by clicking on your speaker/headphone solution in order to alter its properties, followed by directing to the ‘advanced tab’ and selecting the 16-bit 48000 Hz as an option.

And in extreme case, it suggested uninstalling the update. As per recent reports, all of this has resulted in an increase in the number of Windows 10 users being sick of it all.

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