Michael Phelps and Nicole Johnson welcome their third baby boy

Michael Phelps and Nicole Johnson welcome their third baby boy
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Congratulations to Michael Phelps and wife Nicole Johnson for becoming the parents of the third baby. Now they are a Family of 5.

Michael shared a family picture on Instagram, he captioned the picture as “Family of 5!” He added in the caption that “Mama and Baby are fine and boys are pumped to be big boys.”

In the picture, Nicole, Michael, two boys posed for the picture. Nicole holding the baby boy on her hands and all the 4 are cutely looking to the baby.

Nicole also shared the same picture on Instagram using hashtags #herewegoagain #furbabymama.

 It was already planned by the couple to raise three young children together

The couple in an interview with Parents Magazine said that “their plan is to raise three children together.” Phelps added, “it will be a great journey and they are excited.” He said they are excited to welcome their third child with his two boys. It doesn’t matter to the couple whether the baby is a boy or a girl.

The then-pregnant star said to Beneath the Surface Author that Michael has always been very amazing in cooking, cleaning, etc. He helped me out in everything during my sickness- said mother of a newborn.

As for Michael Phelps, fatherhood has always been a special gift. On the days when Michael won the gold medal, he admitted that parenthood has always been special for him. He told Today, that Nobody prepares anyone to become a parent, you go through it and learn as you go.

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