Huawei adds noise cancellation in its FreeBuds 3

Huawei Freebuds
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Huawei has launched its third-gen FreeBuds, and they are a fascinating proposition, particularly if you are the owner of an Android smartphone. For Huawei, the trade show IFA is generally an event where it unveils its latest smartphone chips, and it is not any different this year. Besides its new phone chip, Huawei also launched FreeBuds 3 at the IFA 2019.

Features of FreeBuds 3:

FreeBuds 3 can offer 4 hours battery life and come in a stemmed, open-fit earbud design which sits inside the ear comfortably. They will be available in a circular carry case which can top up the overall listening time of the headphones to 20hours. The earbuds can be availed in either white or black gloss color options when they go on sale later in 2019.

But, the most interesting feature of all in FreeBuds 3 is the active noise cancellation (ANC). Huawei claims that these earbuds are the first-ever open-fit headphones with ANC in the world. This implies that these earbuds do not produce any sealed physical obstruction between your surroundings and your ear.

For a noise-canceling pair of earbuds, this is quite an uncommon design and may impact the functionality of the feature in the new FreeBuds 3. ANC generally works best in case of low-frequency sounds such as traffic noise. However, it is less effective in higher-frequency sounds. According to Huawei, hearing such high frequencies helps people stay aware of what is going on in their surroundings.

What’s more?

Apart from this, the company has also introduced headphone-centric and wearable Kirin A1 chip with FreeBuds 3. The chip apparently is the world’s first to support Bluetooth 5.1 standard. It has been designed to provide lower power consumption and latency in comparison to other available Bluetooth chips.

Notably, Huawei launched FreeBuds, it is truly wireless earbuds which look almost identical to Apple’s AirPods, in March last year.

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