Employee stabs multiple people at a Tallahassee workplace

Employee stabs multiple people at a Tallahassee workplace
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An employee went on to stab 5 people at a Tallahassee workplace on Wednesday morning, as per the police. The suspect, identified as Antwann Brown, reached his workplace, Dyke Industries Inc. at around 8 am and ran into a verbal dispute, the Tallahassee police said.

Interim Tallahassee Chief of Police Steven Outlaw said that Brown, 41 then was asked to depart from the premises. However, shortly after clocking out at 8.20 am, Brown began stabbing his co-workers using one folding knife.

Outlaw couldn’t comment on the real motive for this. However, he said that Brown apparently was targeting particular individuals when the police responded to a call at about 8.33am. Outlaw said that he was at the city’s 9/11 ceremony when he was notified about the incident.

As per WCTV, 5 people who endured injuries due to the stabbing are being treated at the Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare. A spokesperson for the hospital said that 1 victim is in critical condition, 2 in good condition and 2 others in fair condition.

At a press conference on Wednesday afternoon, Outlaw described the ‘heroic’ act of the workers. Many workers armed themselves using whatever they had and actually held the suspect at bay until the police arrived, he said. Brown somehow escaped the commercial building, but the police successfully took him into custody.

Currently, Brown is being interrogated, said Outlaw. He has been working at Dyke for a little over 3 months. He wasn’t ever fired and did not hold any disciplinary history along with the company, Outlaw added.

According to a report, a panicky scene prevailed outside the building as the family members came to get information about their dear ones.

Notably, Dyke Industries Inc. supplies hardware and homes for businesses and homes across 15 cities in the entire US. A representative of the company is yet to respond back on the matter.

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