CDC Warning: “Hugging and Kissing” Chicken causes Salmonella Illness


Centre for Disease Control (CDC) has warned Americans to not come into the contact of backyard chicken in the US. The advisory body has reported that hugging and kissing a chicken includes the risk of catching Salmonella, a bacterial pathogen.

The CDC body also warned the owners of the poultry farm, not to kiss or snuggle backyard poultry. They warned not to touch the face or mouth if hugged by mistake.

Salmonella causing illness cases across the U.S.

The bacterial pathogen Salmonella causes illness including diarrhea, abdominal cramps, and vomiting. This pathogen can be spread from the gastrointestinal system to the bloodstream. The illness caused due to this pathogen can be fatal if not treated with antibiotics.

CDC has reported about 1,003 cases causing illness due to salmonella bacteria including 2 death. Out of which one death takes place in Ohio and another one in Texas. About 67% of patients in America reportedly came in contact with the backyard poultry and caused illness. In 2019, between July 20- Aug 20, almost 235 people have confirmed illness due to the bacteria.

A common cause of Salmonella and Suggestions by CDC to prevent Illness

The common cause of Salmonella is mostly “Poultry”, improper handwashing, cross-contamination between raw chicken and fruit/vegetables. These things or habits track the germs inside the door and cause salmonella illness.

CDC suggested that washing hands with soap and water after touching chicken may prevent you from illness. People must not let chickens inside the house. People must also make a separate pair of shoes to wear while taking care of the backyard birds.

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