Bus driver comforts a crying little boy on the first day of school by holding the hand

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The beginning of an all-new school year often is full of thrilling, and sometimes overwhelming, ‘firsts’ for the students. This is perhaps why a sweet picture of a bus driver calming a 4-year-old boy headed to 1st day of school is now viral.

As per Amy Johnson, her son Axel, headed to the 1st day of his preschool previous week in Wisconsin’s Augusta was very excited until his bus showed up.

Johnson said that when the bus was just nearing, Axel got really quiet all of a sudden. And, when the door of the bus opened, he began to cry loudly.

She picked up Alex and got him inside the bus, said Johnson to Fox 5. However, he began clinging to her and wouldn’t let her go, she added.

Luckily for Alex, the bus driver named Isabel ‘Izzy’ Lane understood what exactly needs to be done.

Tears began rolling down Alex’s face as he settled into his seat just behind Lane. But the kind driver offered her hand for Alex to hold and comforted the youngster by saying he’d be fine.

Johnson immediately took a picture of the sweet moment along with son.

According to Lane, who told WEAU-TV, she does not personally think that what she did was a big deal. It is just something that she’d do, she added.

The sweet picture of Axel getting comforted by Lane was uploaded on by Augusta Police Department. According to the department, it was extremely fortunate to have partnered with such compassionate school staff members such as Lane.

This kind gesture helped to calm down Axel, who stopped crying and now gets onto the bus all by himself each day.

Lane said that she hopes this simple tale helps remind people that even the tiniest noble act can sometimes have larger impacts in the lives of other people.

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